The Best Practices For Using Automated Sorting Systems For Your Company

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Manufacturer

The discussion is about the fundamentals of automated sorting systems in this article. You’ll learn about their function, uses, advantages, and the various varieties now employed in warehouses.

Systems for sorting materials are material handling techniques used in distribution centers or warehouses. Sorting starts with where the objects are going. They use logic depending on the kind of organization or application inside the supply chain. Some instances:

An outbound sorter can be used by postal or courier services to arrange products according to routes or postal codes and collect everything for the drivers.

Brick-and-mortar businesses frequently organize the products for physical stores.

E-commerce sales can be categorized into orders directly or, if it is several of them, it is called a consolidated batch of orders. Put-to-light units or a manual sorting method like scan-to-sort are used for this fine sorting.

A sorter can be applied throughout the supply chain to increase efficiency. A sorter can typically be utilized throughout the inbound, return, outgoing, or shipping phases.

There is a wide range of sorters. Automatic sorters can be carrier-based, like the bomb-bay, LR, or tray sorter, or conveyor-based, like the cross-track sorter. Manual or semi-automatic sorting systems are chosen depending on the desired capacity and the budget.

The whole range of sorter types is infinite and ever-expanding. The following are the most prevalent:


-Split tray sorter (bomb-bay sorter)

-Pop-up sorter

-Slide tray sorter

-Tilt tray sorter

-Vertical sorter (LR-sorter)

-Crossbelt sorter

-Cross-track sorter

-and more

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