The Best Silver Coins To Buy For Beginners

by | May 22, 2023 | Investment Services

There are two very different options in silver coins, which is important to understand when investing. Silver coins can be collectible or numismatic coins, which are rare or found in mint or perfect condition. The value of these coins is not on the metal content but on the market demand by other collectors.

Investment silver coins are also known as bullion coins. They are valued based on the current silver market prices based on the amount of silver they contain. These investment coins are often sold as BU or Brilliant Uncirculated, or they can also be Proof coins. Both are good options to add to silver holdings for investment purposes.

The best silver coins to buy for investment should also be from sovereign mints. These are mints that are backed by the government with verified and guaranteed silver content in the specific coin.

The Silver American Eagle

One of the best silver coins to buy for those just getting started is the Silver American Eagle. The value of these coins is very reasonable, and they come in different conditions from BU through to proof and burnished condition.

Canadian Silver Coins

There are a number of Royal Canadian Mint silver coins that are a great addition to any investor’s portfolio or holdings. Depending on the specific coin, investors can choose various silver content levels, including 1, 1.25, and 1.5 oz.

Investors also consider the Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin and the Silver Rose Crown Guinea to be some of the best silver coins to buy to add to your holdings.

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