A programmable power source allows you to control operation remotely, giving you control over such properties as current, voltage, and frequency (for AC output). This unit can be advantageous when used with automated equipment, fabrication of semi-conductors, and with X-ray generators, to mention just a few examples. These supply sources are generally associated with a computer interface using specific computer language for device control.

There’s More

This is just a brief, very general view of the programmable power source, however. The best way to learn more about high-quality power supplies and power amplifiers is to visit the website of a leader in this special sector. You’ll have access to the expertise possessed by manufacturers, military installations, government research groups, and universities. It’s definitely the place to turn for advanced, flexible AC power solutions.

Such products are used in testing circuit breakers, lamps, watt meters, protective relays, inductors, capacitors, transformers, piezo elements, and much more. But you get service beyond these quality products, enjoying the same benefits extended to many other valued customers who have specific testing and research requirements.


Don’t be concerned about reliability when you work with the top suppliers of such special equipment as the programmable power source. After all, they are trusted by major corporations, manufacturers, and provide current sources and voltage solutions to such military organizations as the Navy, The Boeing Company, and NASA. You can also call on these specialists for single-phase and three-phase output frequency converters as well as AC voltage sources to test for compliance with aerospace requirements.

If you need dependable, durable power amplifiers and power sources for industrial, commercial, government, or military use, visit the website to learn more. Better yet, call and talk to a knowledgeable, experienced representative to discuss your specific requirements. You’ll be glad you made this call.

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