Tooth damage can occur as a result of blunt trauma or due to decay. When a tooth’s structural integrity has been altered, this can make it prone to damage which can occur while eating. It is important damaged teeth are repaired right away, so they will not become overly damaged to the point they need to be extracted. With prompt treatment from the Dentist in Cabazon CA. teeth can be saved.

Common Forms of Tooth Damage

There are a few different types of tooth damage, and they can all eventually lead to pain and further damage. It is important individuals seek prompt treatment so the dentist can save their tooth and prevent further damage. If any of these types of damage are experienced, the dentist needs to be called:

  *    Chips can occur on the edge of the tooth or on the front, back or sides. Chips do not always cause major pain and are usually more of a cosmetic concern, depending on the depth of the chip.

  *    Cracks can run deep into the tooth and cause major damage and pain. If a crack runs into the root of the tooth, the tooth will sometimes need to be extracted.

  *    Breaks are a more serious type of damage because they can lead to major nerve exposure and severe pain and bleeding. While a broken piece cannot be reattached to a tooth, repairs can be carried out to shield the tooth from further damage.

  *    When a tooth is knocked completely from its socket, this is usually a result of blunt trauma. Individuals that experience this type of damage need to see the dentist immediately so their tooth may be placed back into the socket.

Dentists Can Save Injured Teeth

The Dentist in Cabazon CA offers many treatments to help patients who have suffered damage to their teeth. Even a tooth that has been knocked from its socket can be saved if a person sees the dentist in time.

To learn more about these treatments, Visit the website. Call the office of the Beaumont Dental Group if you would like to schedule an appointment to have your teeth checked.

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