As you worked your way up the corporate ladder, office ladder or further developed your own business, did you ever stop to think about your co-workers or employee’s goals? Most would answer yes to this question. A resounding sea of hands and a chorus of ‘of courses’ would permeate a room if this question were asked at a keynote. Why? Because teamwork, communication and engagement matter, that’s why. Being engaged with your coworkers is the first step to cooperation and working as a team.

What’s The End Goal?

For most new hires and workers early in their careers, their biggest concerns are personal. Staying current with the workload, meeting the right people and making good first impressions, doing well on performance reviews and picking up the slack where one coworker may fall short. This last motivation is often done out of necessity and not thoughtfulness. It’s not that the employee is self-centered or not thinking of others, it’s just that most offices are either stretched so thin that employees have little or no time to think of anything but their own tasks or the office is not being properly managed or motivated. Either way, the goal should be to improve communication, free up time, get more dine collectively and have more fun—in short, be more efficient through teamwork.

Increase Efficiency By Socializing

How many times have you been sent an email about a task or bit of information that is already completed or been talked about? Management hears communicate more, so it sends out unnecessary messages that take up time. Management and your office shouldn’t be focused on more communication. It should focus on better communication. Employee feedback software that is typically part of a larger cloud or suite or software that your office can use to track it’s goals, communications and projects is a great way for an office to all get on one page and communicate more effectively.

Reading The Responses

It’s important to listen to everything we are told in a meeting and read everything we’re sent, yet information still slips through the cracks. This is why there are redundancies. This is one example of a topic than can be discussed through employee feedback software. Whether it means discussing habits to prevent missing information or bringing it to management’s attention to organize information more carefully, having a place to give feedback is the first step in starting a healthy dialogue in your office where teamwork and productivity are everyone’s first goal.

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