A company needs a budget-friendly video for their next marketing project. They need it in a timely fashion, and they need it to incorporate a certain set of ideas with a fitted tone. A Video Production Service in Lexington KY can accomplish all this with a high-definition quality that will appear impressive on video screens.

But, how necessary is high-definition? In the priority list of marketing tone, timeliness, and cost, where does the actual video picture rank? Below is a modern look at the HD vs. SD battle when it comes to standard video projects and not high-end commercial Hollywood pictures?

What is HD and SD?

HD stands for high-definition, and SD stands for standard-definition. HD is the standard for million dollar productions. Should it also be the standard for modest-budget projects with an admittedly less ambitious end-goal? The HD vs. SD war rests on the pixel count. An HD video picture has more pixels per square inch. It is why old video games look so blocky. The picture only fit a few pixels per square inch, giving that retro look that people often intentionally go for in the current day.

Most people only understand the differences in picture quality at a visual level. So when does it matter to do HD beside high-budget films? The answer may be never, at this point in time. An HD presentation serves little purpose on a standard definition screen. It will downscale the video, essentially serving no one.

What is a Standard Definition Screen?

There is an inverse to the above argument. Fewer and fewer people are adopting standard definition screens. For one, HD televisions are the new norm, and they can be purchased at Wal-mart for about $100. Furthermore, many individuals are watching Internet videos on their television. They are seeing HD.

In this day and age, HD is pretty essential. But, it depends on the project. Is it a short video demonstrating a product? Is it a larger scale video? These details matter. Fortunately, the team at First String Media Productions adopts HD equipment as the standard. Clients get the best look at an affordable price.

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