If you are looking to build a better rapport among your employees or between yourself and your employees, you should think about duck hunting. Or, maybe you’re not looking for any sort of team building. Maybe you just want to get a few ducks for eating or trophies. Whatever you’re thinking, a guided waterfowl hunting adventure can be exactly what you need. When you allow a guide to show you the ropes, you end up with a better chance of getting the bird you’re looking for. Guides know the best places to hunt for ducks, they bring the best equipment, and they bring the best-trained dogs. So, before you decide to go on a duck hunt, you should know what you’re getting into to see if it’s right for you.

The Basics

Human beings have been hunting waterfowl ever since the first ranged weapon was invented, which was probably just a guy throwing a rock. The atlatl, spear, and bow evolved from there. Eventually, humans became more efficient at dropping the birds. Now, most people use shotguns loaded with birdshot.

The season for waterfowl hunting usually begins in the autumn or early winter. In the United States, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sets the hunting dates. The hunting season coincides with the end of the season in which ducks raise their young. By October, they are typically migrating to warmer areas. The ducks tend to follow some predictable path, which is why it’s so important to go with a guide who knows where the ducks like to migrate.


The hunter will bring with him or herself the shotgun, shotgun shells, a blind, decoys, and a duck call. Sometimes, the hunting happens from a boat, but oftentimes, it happens from the shore. When the hunters think they have happened upon some ducks, they start blowing the duck calls. When the ducks come near, they remove the blind and shoot the ducks before they get frightened.

Typically, you will want to position yourself near a body of water or a field planted with something the ducks like to eat. The blinds are built to keep you out of sight of the ducks, because waterfowl have fairly sharp eyes, and they can actually see colors. So, camouflage is even more important for waterfowl hunting. Those who use dogs typically use the dogs to retrieve ducks when hunting over the water. When the dead or wounded duck falls into the water, the dog will swim out and retrieve it. Bay Flats Lodge Blog can help you get your hunting trip off the ground. When you go with experts, you know that you’ll be safe. Also, you’ll have a higher chance of actually finding ducks. Hunting without finding any animals is just sitting in the woods.

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