There are many specific standards and requirements that have to be implemented in software design and development in all industries. In the transport communications industry group, which includes eight discrete industries, A665 is an important standard for all manufacturers.

ARINC or Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated, has been incorporated since 1929 and was originally created by the Federal Radio Commission, which is now the Federal Communications Commission. The industries served by the ARINC compliance include airports, aviation, government, defense, networks, security, transportation, and healthcare.

The Standard

The standard A665 is actually designed to define the packaging and the format of aircraft loadable software. There are actually three different options including the A665-1, 2, and 3 media sets, which allow different simulations and tests to be completed with different features and components.

There are different products that provide support for A665. On component is the ARINC 615A Data Loader. Top of the line components for these systems will be intuitive to use, have a GUI or graphic user interface that allows for easy data loading operations.

Companies specializing in aviation software and hardware components may offer specific tools and features that allow users to create independent but A665 compliant media, which is often a requirement within testing situations.


When comparing a DataLoader to create A665 compliant media, it is essential to consider both ease of use as well as any specific requirements for the computing platform. Some companies offer systems that will work with Windows or Linux operating systems while there are a few companies requiring the use of a proprietary computing platform, which can be more challenging for integration with current systems.

Data load operation ranges should also be carefully considered. Ideally, look for a DataLoader offering high-level data load operations. These data load operations may include upload, information, FIND and other similar operations.

This should include the option to implement and run multiple and simultaneous load operations, which is particularly relevant in simulations and test operations. Additionally, look for a system that offers the ARINC A665-3 Media Set Builder to provide the option to create and format, according to the standards, even from raw data files.

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