Do you ever think about what’s in your carpet? Take everything on the bottom of the shoes of every person who walks on your carpet and imagine those particles of dirt, germs and bacteria being ground deep into your carpet every day. This is a disturbing concept in theory and an unhealthy and potentially dangerous reality. Cleaning your carpets regularly can solve this problem, or at least keep it under control, especially when it is done correctly by a trained professional.

What’s in a Carpet?
A carpet is a little like a broom. As you walk on it, carpet has a sweeping, rubbing action on your shoes. Therefore anything on your shoes, including dirt, germs and bacteria picked up in the multitude of places you’ve walked, often gets swept off onto carpet.

Unlike a broom, carpet tends to be absorbent and holds onto what it gathers. The deeper the carpet, the more material it will trap. This goes not only for things compiled from your shoes, but also things that are dropped or spilled on your carpet.

Eventually a carpet will become full. When this happens, dust and dirt can easily be picked up on your shoes, socks or bare feet and be transported to another place. If it’s something harmful in the carpet, like germs, bacteria or chemicals, it can harm you or cause more problems.

When to Clean Your Carpets
When it comes to carpet cleaning, Stillwater MN residents or businesses looking to maintain a clean home want their carpets cleaned at regular intervals. Regular maintenance such as vacuuming should be done at least once a week or even daily in high traffic areas. Deep cleaning your carpet should be done at least yearly in a business setting, or at least every 18 months at home. Higher traffic carpet areas could be cleaned as often as once every three months, or whenever there is a visible spill or stain.

The Carpet Cleaning Process
There are two basic ways to clean carpet: steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Steam cleaning is the more popular of the two and uses a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution sprayed into the carpet with high pressure, which is then pulled out, along with the dirt, with heavy suction. Dry cleaning uses chemicals and a little water to clean the carpet, but it doesn’t clean as deeply as steam cleaning.

If the time has come to deep clean your carpets, the professionals at Steamatic of the Twin Cities can help. Visit to see the services available and to schedule a cleaning.

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