There is a huge demand for competent stone masons. However, it takes a lot of work to be among the Masonry contractors in King Of Prussia, PA. Masons handle all types of jobs including stucco and brick repair. One of the best places to start a masonry career is the local technical school.

The First Step Is An Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are offered by technical schools and community colleges. Further, professional masons offer to take on many students as apprentices. In any event, apprentices should have a high school diploma or GED. Most apprentice programs last at least three years and include classroom instruction.

Classroom Lessons Are Detailed

Masonry contractors in King Of Prussia, PA are hired for many major projects. Projects include everything from brickwork for apartment buildings to restoring historic buildings. Therefore, it is not surprising that apprentices must learn how to read blueprints. In addition, masonry history and construction math are taught.

Advanced apprentices may be sponsored by an employer or a union. Further, apprentices receive higher wages the longer they are in the program. In addition, they will receive benefits like health insurance and paid time off.

The Next Step

Students that complete an apprenticeship move on to become journeyman masons. At this point, they can work for a company or start their own business. Other licensing and certification may be necessary depending on where they live.

Masonry Contractors Perform Many Tasks

People who need chimney repairs call masons to handle the job. Cracks and holes in a chimney can lead to leaks of gases into a home. Along the same line, masons are the people who build and repair stone fireplaces. Cracks in fireplaces can be dangerous and even cause fires.

Masons use the tedious process called tuck-pointing to make many repairs. Tuck-pointing is the process of repairing and replacing mortar between bricks. After 20 years of exposure to the elements, mortar starts to crumble and fall off.

Masons played an important role in restoring many historical buildings. It is good to know that the profession remains relevant. For additional information, visit a Masonry company’s website and click here to learn more.

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