Cesspools or septic tanks, and the accompanying systems which make them efficient, are a major investment for any home owner. Those who live outside of the limits of city sewage systems and services must pay the costs of having these alternative systems installed for their homes. When properly cared for and maintained, septic systems usually last for up to 25 or 30 years and beyond. Suffolk County residents can avoid premature replacement or cesspool repair by reading the information detailed below, utilizing these steps will help to preserve and keep your system in optimum condition
Why is it important to maintain your septic system?

Septic systems which fail can be expensive to replace. The costs involved in replacement can range from $2,500 up to $10,000 and more. The cost of annual maintenance falls within the $200 to $300 range for inspections and pumping as needed. Many homeowners are not aware of the consequences of a damaged system or what steps should be taken to maintain them. Failing septic systems can cause cesspool leakage to groundwater flowing beneath the property, nearby wells which others depend upon for their water supply, and also lead to other hazardous contamination dangers for humans and other forms of life.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Septic System

Schedule an annual inspection from a reputable company. Inspectors begin at the pipes in the house and check for tight fittings to ensure there aren’t any improper fits or weaknesses in the connections. They are able to locate buried piping through the sophisticated means of inserting a probe into the soil. They will check all of the pipes and tanks for leaks or damage, determine the integrity of the drain field and measure the layers of liquids and solids within your tanks.

If cesspool repair is needed, they will inform you of the urgency and provide you with estimates on when the work should be accomplished by and how much it will cost. Cesspool repair professionals in Suffolk County can advise you of potential problems which are beginning to develop so you can take action as needed, especially before the problem gets worse. This can help to preserve the life of your system and reduce the likelihood of having to replace the entire system.

By taking preventative measures, homeowners can help to avoid costly cesspool repairs and septic system replacements. All it takes is a simple annual inspection to identify any developing issues before they become major problems which threaten the integrity of the system and its components. For more information about cesspool repairs or inspections offered in the Suffolk County area, Full Cesspool Plumbing Service is a reputable company worthy of your consideration.

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