It is fun for people to use outdoor tennis courts, volleyball courts, and basketball courts, as long as the courts are safe to play on. Sometimes, people go to playing courts and see a lot of surface cracks, potholes and puddles of water in different spots on the court. This shows that the playing court has not been well-maintained and the court is a hazard for anyone to play on. A paving contractor that offers drainage repairs in Branford, CT ensures that customers who own these courts have playing courts that are smoothed out and ready for playing.

Why There May Be Puddles of Water on the Court

If there are puddles of water on the playing court, it could be because of debris, such as leaves and pine needles clogging up the drains that are located on the court. It could also be because of depressions in various places on the court, causing the water to stand. It is important to get the drainage problem taken care of immediately to prevent the moisture from ruining the court and causing cracking.

More about Drainage on the Playing Court

Drainage problems on a playing court might also cause the players on the court to slip or trip, or otherwise be hindered in playing their game. This could lead to a potential personal injury lawsuit, which would be costly for the owner of the tennis court or basketball court. Whatever is causing the drainage, the owner needs to address it right away by repairing himself or herself or calling a qualified paving contractor to do it. There is a paving contractor in Branford, Connecticut who is available.

Who to Call in Branford, Connecticut

Atwater Paving has been providing paving solutions for customers in the Branford, Connecticut area for many years, which includes drainage services. In addition, the contractor also re-surfaces parking lots, playing courts, excavation services, and asphalt curbing services. The contractor also does sports court installation, and is available for residential and commercial customers. If there are any who need drainage repairs in Branford, CT for their playing courts, they can visit the website of Atwater Paving.

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