Whether you work in a lab or elsewhere, you need to ensure that you are safe from chemicals and other hazards. No one wants to think about fires occurring while at work, but it is a very real possibility. Instead of being unprepared, you can have flame resistant jackets for all employees who may be in a situation where flames arise.

Where To Use Them

Factories, laboratories, and even classrooms can all be a place where such a jacket could be worn. Chemistry classrooms are well-known for using combustible materials that, even when handled correctly, could result in injury or accident.

What They Do

Primarily, flame resistant jackets will resist the flames, ensuring that the material doesn’t melt onto the skin. In most cases, it will extinguish the fire or resist ignition, so it doesn’t catch fire while it is still being worn. The wearer can take it off as quickly as possible, reducing their risk of burns and other injuries. Likewise, you won’t feel the heat from the flames, even if they do not extinguish themselves automatically. You will have time to complete the stop-drop-roll procedure or remove the article of clothing.

It is also designed not to break open during intense heat, exposing the skin to more burns and other problems. It can also reduce the potential risk of chemical burns.

How To Use Them

It is best that you and your company come up with policies that explicitly state when these garments should be worn and why. If people know that they are for their safety, they may be more willing to wear them. They may seem uncomfortable at first, especially if they aren’t used to wearing them, but the jacket should be flexible enough to be comfortable.

Flame resistant jackets can be a life-saving piece of PPE. Visit MPE now to learn more. Like us on our facebook page.

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