The Importance of Weekly or Twice-Monthly Pool Maintenance in Nassau County, NY

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Swimming Pool

Routine professional pool maintenance in Nassau County NY is normally arranged as a weekly or twice-monthly service. Homeowners who don’t want to bother doing this work themselves commonly set up a contract with one of the pool service providers in the area. The maintenance technicians do tasks such as check and balance chemicals and brush or vacuum debris from the surface and the sides of the pool where it tends to collect. Doing this routinely is important to prevent materials from eventually sinking to the bottom. More extensive work is required to clean the pool walls and floor. The technicians empty the skimmer baskets and clean the filters if necessary. Those devices catch debris in the water, but they can fill up and put a strain on the pump.

The recommended frequency of maintenance generally depends on how much use the pool gets. Many homeowners want to have the service done right before each weekend, as that’s when they spend most of their time in the swimming pool. They may regularly have guests over to swim on the weekend as well. People who have the work done twice a month may schedule an additional service after a big weekend party with lots of guests using the pool. A raucous event may result in food or beverages getting spilled in the pool. In addition, many of those swimmers and pool loungers are likely to be wearing sunscreen, perfume, and other substances that leave some amount of residue behind in the water. Pool Maintenance in Nassau County NY after the party eliminates any problems resulting from the rowdy guest behaviour.

An additional maintenance appointment also can be scheduled after a big storm comes through the area. Strong winds can blow leaves, twigs, pine cones, maple seeds, and other organic debris into the water. Heavy rainfall disrupts the chemical balance since it dumps so much extra water into the pool. A technician from a company such as Sky Blue Pools arrives and works to make the pool clear of disruptive materials and return it to a safe, sanitary state again. Visit our website for more information.

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