The Intriguing Look of a Residential Metal Ceiling in Brooklyn, NY

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

People with a passion for interior design may love the idea of a residence with a Metal Ceiling in Brooklyn NY. There’s something of an old-world atmosphere in rooms with ceilings made of tin or other metal materials, and it’s particularly apt in an urban setting. Most individuals are familiar with these ceilings in restaurants and pubs, but the features can be installed in residential settings as well.

Considering the Possibilities

A Metal Ceiling in Brooklyn NY could be installed in a single-family house, a multi-family residence the owner shares, or a condo. Interior decorating is appropriate in a broad range of styles. The rooms could include furniture and decor that bring to mind a time when metal ceilings were most frequently constructed, which was the late 1890s. In contrast, sleek, ultra-modern decor also looks ideal in a room with this overhead feature.

The idea of a tin ceiling in a house, condo, or apartment might seem unusual or even a bit extravagant to people who haven’t given much thought to the variety of intriguing home interior possibilities. Once they see photos of residential settings with these features, however, they understand how impressive this design element can be. The home can be designed to look offbeat in a contemporary way or decorated with antiques and new pieces that convey an environment authentic to the early 1900s.

International Design Preferences

Even though these ceilings are American, to a certain extent, they also blend well with international design strategies. Homeowners who love the look of Spanish or more wide-ranging Mediterranean decor can rest assured that a ceiling of this material will be entirely appropriate with their preferred furniture and other home features.

Colors and Patterns

The natural look of tin is a silver in color, sometimes with a blue cast, and sometimes so light it’s almost white. Customers of a company such as Abingdon Construction have many more options than this, however. Depending on the effect the homeowners want to achieve, they may want the appearance of copper or bronze to complete an interior’s design. Tiles in numerous patterns also are available. Contact us to learn more.

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