When people are injured in accidents involving public transportation, such as a subway, a bus or a metro, the circumstances become a matter of personal injury. As such, there is a lot of blame to go around. The problem could be with the equipment, the driver or the owner of the particular transportation system. People who are involved in the accidents will need to contact an experienced attorney. A lawyer who represents victims in Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro, Maryland wants the clients to understand all that is involved in dealing with the process of accidents on a metro.

It is important to keep in mind that most personal injury cases in Maryland have a statute of limitations of three years. This means if the lawsuit is not filed in a Maryland civil court in that time, any opportunity for the case to be heard will just about be gone. No damages will be able to be awarded. When it comes to metro accidents, government agencies are liable to be involved. This means the claimant only has one year to file a formal claim, but still three years to file the lawsuit.

Trying to collect on injuries that occur because of a government entity can be quite tricky. It can be a long, drawn-out process. Trying to pinpoint exactly who is at fault for the metro accident may take months of investigation. Meanwhile, the person who was injured in the accident still has to live somehow throughout it all. In order to facilitate the legal process, the injured claimant will need the aid of an experienced attorney who has successfully litigated cases of this type.

The Jaklitsch Law Group has been providing legal solutions to clients in the Upper Marlboro, Maryland area for more than five decades. With the number of rail injuries up by 4.1 percent as of 2014, more people need the representation of lawyers. In addition to assisting clients with metro accidents cases, the law group also practice in the areas of auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and wrongful death. If any parties are looking for attorneys who represent Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, they can visit the website at Jaklitschlawgroup.com.

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