Vibration can be one of the greatest causes of machine failure. Though the vibration could be unnoticeable to the human eye, it has the potential to break seals and loosen bolts and screws. Vibration Analysis in Austin can spot possible issues, and with proper adjustments can ensure machines run smoothly and decrease overall maintenance issues. While there are many types of issues that can arise due to excess vibration, the following are the most commonly reported. Avoid these problems and the costly repairs that accompany them by having all equipment analyzed for vibration issues on a regular basis.

Seal Rupture

Seals are designed to keep the moving components of equipment free from external debris while maintaining any lubricants in the machine’s housing. A small amount of vibration can cause seals to become offset, and lead to leaks and contamination of sealed areas. This can be an expensive repair, and leave a machine out of commission for an extended period. This problem can be eliminated through a vibration analysis in Austin that is conducted by a certified professional.

Hydraulic System Failure

Hydraulic pumps must maintain adequate pressure to function. An excessive amount of vibration during operation can cause hydraulic pumps to fail, and leave a machine unusable until repaired. Most pumps are designed to operate for extended periods of time with little maintenance requirements. Any unwanted vibration can cause shifting of the pump’s components and lead to expensive repair bills or require complete replacement. Don’t let this happen, when testing a pump for vibration can eliminate any worries associated with unexpected downtime.

Production Quality

Most machines are designed to produce items according to specified dimensions. As equipment operates, vibration can cause machine alignment to shift and lead to finished elements that are not the appropriate size. Utilizing vibration reduction plates can minimize this, but a machine should still be tested to ensure it is operating at an optimum level. Avoid costly material waste and a poor end user experience by having any production equipment checked regularly for excessive vibration.

Vibration may not seem like a big issue, but if left unchecked can lead to downtime and production issues. Don’t let these problems be a worry when the technicians at Laser Precision can help monitor vibration and keep equipment in tip-top shape. Schedule an appointment today to learn more, and prevent future problems.

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