The kitchen is the heart of most homes, and for that reason, it is at the top of most homeowner’s project lists. One of the most crucial elements of any kitchen is the countertops that are set in place, as they provide workspace and help to complete the overall look of the room. The complicated part is choosing which type of kitchen countertops in Kent, WA is best suited for a kitchen and will meet a family’s needs and budget restrictions. Here is a look at the most popular countertop options the various benefits to each.


One of the most sought-after materials in countertops is granite, due in part to its natural beauty and ability to withstand lots of wear and tear. In addition to being cut and heat-resistant, granite is also easy to clean and provides a streak free shine. Most granite surfaces require resealing every five to eight years but only regular cleaning with a mild detergent on a daily basis.

Solid Surface

Solid surface counters are another viable option and provide the same clean look even though they are man-made and composed of a variety of composite materials. Solid surface countertops come in a wide range of colors and styles and are perfect for individuals who are looking for kitchen countertops in Kent, WA that provide a unique appearance. While they are not as sturdy as solid stone counters, they are still heat resistant and are unlikely to stain.


Formica is one of the oldest forms of countertops, and are constructed from Presswood that is covered with a vinyl or plastic coating. Formica is popular because of its price, as it is more budget-friendly than other options, and the large selection of design options means anyone will find the perfect countertop to match their taste. It does not have the same integrity as stone or solid surface but can be a budget-friendly way to give a kitchen a makeover.

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