When a family falls in love with an older home and decides to buy it, they may want additional Electrical Installations in Scranton PA if the features haven’t been updated in decades. Having the entire system inspected by an electrician is a smart idea, and rewiring is advisable if the home is still operating on an outdated electrical structure. A fuse box can be replaced with a circuit breaker panel, and a second panel will be advantageous if several newer components will be added. Two panels allow better availability of safe electricity as more features are installed later on.

Without upgrading, older homes rarely have the number of outlets necessary to run the plethora of electronic items people own in the 21st Century. Electricians advise against relying on extension cords on a permanent basis or on keeping too many devices plugged into a power strip. The new homeowners also may want Electrical Installations in Scranton PA to update the lighting in the house, and they might want a ceiling fan or two as well.

Wiring in homes built long ago was not intended to manage the amount of electricity people routinely use today. Consider the electric items a typical middle-class family of four would have been using regularly in the 1970s. There would have been a TV set or two, some radios and a stereo or two, and numerous lamps and overhead lights. The usual appliances would have included a refrigerator, washing machine and clothes dryer, and perhaps an electric stove or water heater. People in the household might run a hair dryer, curling iron, or electric shaver for a limited amount of time every day.

Compare that with today’s electrical usage and it becomes very clear why upgrades are necessary. Back then, it was rare to have a microwave oven, and personal computers and their peripheral equipment were nonexistent. Television sets were relatively small and modest in their electrical usage. Now, it’s common for a household to have several flat-screen TV sets running at the same time, along with computers, appliances, and numerous lights. Electricians from a company such as Quality Electric can make sure the electrical service in that older house is up to speed.

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