Legal decision making is an area of law under child custody which deals with which parent will be responsible for making key life decisions for a child on religion, education, medical and other crucial decisions. As a party in a contested custody battle, working with a legal decision making lawyer in Mesa, AZ can help ensure the rights of the child, and that of his or her parents remain protected throughout the child custody court battle.

Categories of legal decision making include:

  *     Joint Legal Decision Making

This type of ruling gives both parents an equal say in the key life decisions for their kid. Often, this is entered into freely by both parents during a straight-forward divorce. Therefore, both parents have to consult one another and arrive at an agreeable decision regarding any major decision affecting their child. The final decision has to have the input of both parents.

  *     Sole Legal Decision Making

This ruling comes to into effect when one parent demonstrates their inability to make good decisions on matters related to their own lives, which means they lack the capacity to make effective decisions for their kid. Therefore, one parent enjoys an exclusive responsibility of deciding what’s best for the child irrespective of the wishes of the other parent. Nevertheless, the court will still encourage both parents to share and discuss with each other by putting the best interest of the child first.

  *     Joint Legal Decision Making with Final Say

Based on this scenario, both parents are expected to share and discuss key legal decisions that may affect their child, and in the event of any disagreements on the way forward, the final decision rests with only one parent in the eyes of the court. In some court rulings, a judge may state areas both parents enjoy an equal say and other instances where a particular parent has the deciding vote.

The law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. promises an initial free consultation to allow clients to discuss their cases with a legal decision making lawyer in Mesa, AZ. Moreover, clients can expect constant communication and a detailed case strategy plan that protects both the interest of the client as well as the rights of the child. In the end, clients can expect a successful verdict in their child custody case.

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