The Path to Becoming a Dialysis Technician Care Technician

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Education

If you are the type of person who wants to help sick patients feel better, dialysis technician education might be something that suits you. This is an excellent option for someone interested in healthcare who does not want to become a nurse or doctor. It can be a rewarding career where you have an impact on people and their families.

Learn About the Profession

While the career can be rewarding, it is also a position that can be emotionally draining for some. When dealing with patients who may be terminally ill, it can be challenging to handle the emotions around it. For some people, that may mean it’s not the right option. For others, being of help to others is worth the emotional demands of the dialysis technician profession.

Consider Requirements

Before you can become a dialysis technician, you should consider your own education and skills. Those who have no experience with dialysis might find it helpful to speak with a professional to learn more about the job. Shadowing someone for a day can shed a lot of light onto whether the position is right for you.

In order to take part in dialysis technician education , you will need a GED or high school degree. After that, you will need training on using the machines that do the dialysis. You should also look at licensing requirements for your location. Some are stricter than others.

Lifestyle Considerations

Even if you are sure you want to be a dialysis technician, you should consider the impact it may have on your lifestyle and that of your family. For instance, are you able to stand or sit for long periods without it bothering you? Are you happy to interact with patients and other medical workers on a nearly constant basis? These are things that you will experience as a tech, and not everyone has the personality to truly enjoy the work.

Financial Needs

As a dialysis patient care technician, you may make anywhere from $30,000 annually to around $65,000 annually.. Determine if this is something that works for you and your needs. You should also consider the taxes you will need to pay and whether you are comfortable at a job with or without benefits like vacation, sick times, and health insurance. Some jobs offer that, many others do not.

Start Training Today

If you’ve done your homework and are still interested in pursuing a career as a technician, you can learn more at Dialysis 4 Career. We offer information and help finding a training program that works for you.

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