When searching for satellite tv Des Moines residents should take a few things into consideration. Satellite through Big Dog Satellite, just like through any other cable or satellite provider has its pros and cons. Read on below for a few of the advantages and disadvantages to choosing to have a satellite installed in your home. Visit website for more details.


One of the best things about satellite TV is that you have literally hundreds of channels to choose from. You can also get your TV and your radio from one box, while there is no way that you can watch hundreds of channels at one time, it is very nice to have the option when you are searching for something to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The major pro of satellite over cable, is the fact that you can pretty much get satellite anywhere. If you live in a rural area, and have clear access to the satellite in space, then you can get a satellite dish. Cable isn’t equipped to go into more rural areas, so satellite has the jump on them there.

You can also choose to get pay-per-views and other subscription channels, plus both satellite companies come with pretty amazing DVR service; the Genie through Direct TV and the Hopper through Dish.


Satellite it also rumored to go out quite a bit when there are storms in the area. Severe wind, snow, ice, or a thunderstorm can interrupt your signal. Satellite however, has proven, again, and again, that it is a viable option if you want TV service in rural areas that cable will not reach. When looking for satellite tv in Des Moines residents can tell you that it’s a deal that many say can’t be beat.

As with every other product and service out there, there are cons to be considered. Here are a few of the disadvantages associated with satellite.

The biggest con to satellite is that you have to have a clear line to the satellite that sits in space just waiting to shoot a signal to your receiver. Of course, if you live somewhere that doesn’t have cable, you are probably in a rural enough area, not to have to worry about that problem. Visit Bigdogsatellite.com for more information.

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