For over 80 years, the people at Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling have served customers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas by providing garbage disposal, trash hauling, recycling and dumpster rentals for both residential and commercial projects. Their staff have considerable experience in the proper handling, hauling and disposal of all manner of waste materials to ensure proper containment in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations governing waste disposal.

Dumpster Rental

Where construction or demolition projects are concerned, the ability to control waste material on-site is invaluable. Dumpster units available for immediate rental and ranging in sizes from 10-40 yds can be delivered to any project site within 36 hours of placing the order, or emergency delivery can be arranged at a slightly higher service charge, and can be used for as long as the project is underway. There are several different types of the dumpster to handle the different types of waste or recyclable material to be taken away, and the customer can select for the exact type of unit to fulfill the needs of the project.

Additionally, trash compactor units can also be delivered to the project site. Selected for capacity, these can easily handle a wide variety of materials and crush them down to convenient sizes for easy disposal.

Delivery of both dumpsters and compactors can be arranged for any date, and the company will take the units away when specified in the contract. Any changes in rental or even cancellations can be arranged, although it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the order information to facilitate these changes, and usually should be called in one full business day in advance.

Dumping And Landfill Service

Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling also maintains disposal facilities for customers to bring in their own waste or recyclable materials, giving them the opportunity to save money on trash hauling expenses. An additional money saving comes from the fact that the company charges by volume rather than weight, and thus the costs are more predictable. However, customers can also contract for regular garbage collection service as needed, and at reasonable rates.

The services offered by Mudek were designed long ago to be flexible both in terms of price and requirements to provide the best options for any client, residential or commercial. Visit the Website to learn more about services and prices, and make the right choice.

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