Most everybody wants to look their best, particularly if they are participating in a special event or important function like a wedding. There are several things you can do to boost your natural attractiveness and one of those is to improve the look of your smile by opting for Teeth Whitening in Oaklyn. Before you make an appointment with a Cosmetic Dentist, though, here are some of the side effects you may experience when you have this procedure done.

Tooth Sensitivity

During the tooth whitening process, the dent in the teeth gets exposed to the chemicals in the solution used to bleach the teeth. This can cause the teeth to become more sensitive and can worsen tooth sensitivity in people who already suffer from it. Generally, the sensitivity will go away or return to normal after about a day. If you’re concerned about this issue, talk to your dentist about using a product that may alleviate sensitivity during the process. To know more visit Deptford Family Dental.

Irritation of Soft Tissues

Although the solution used to whiten teeth is generally safe, it may irritate the soft tissues in the mouth if they come in contact with it. Typically the reaction is immediate and you may feel burning while your teeth are whitening. After the procedure, your gums may appear red and irritated. In rare cases, gums may bleed. Like tooth sensitivity, this side effect goes away after short period of time. To avoid it, though, ask the dentist to apply a protective gel to the gums or use a rubber mouth appliance that prevents the solution from coming into contact with the soft tissues.

Undesirable Results

Most people who get Teeth Whitening Cause will experience great results. Unfortunately, a select few may not see a difference in the color of their teeth. This can happen if the person’s teeth are heavily stained. In this case, the person may need multiple sessions before they’ll get the results they want. On the other end of the spectrum, people who whiten their teeth too much may end up with grey or translucent coloring.

To avoid experiencing these side effects when getting Teeth Whitening in Oaklyn, talk to the dentist about things you can do to obtain the best result.


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