Roofs are an integral part of structure and protection in a home. But there are many different enemies that assault the roof on a daily basis. These enemies can wreak havoc on the roof. Over time, the damage can occur from the assaults of wind, rain and sun. Thus, there are times that the roof really needs to be inspected. If you find any of these danger signs, it is time to get the roof repaired.

One of the signs that a roof is in need of repair is missing shingles. This usually happens after a very strong wind storm. Over time, the nails in the shingles can loosen a little. Then at the right angle, the wind can rip those shingles off. Sometimes, this damage is visible. But if you see any shingles on the ground after a big storm, it is time to get your Roofing in Indianapolis, IN inspected. There maybe more damage done to the roof than can be seen on the ground.

Dents or pitting in the roofing shingles is another sign that your roof is in trouble. Roof damage can easily occur during a hail storm. These balls of ice hit the roof at a fairly high speed and can easily dent the shingles. This damage can lead to water leakage and a compromise in the structure. Eventually, this will lead to more damage to the interior of the home and a higher repair costs.

Soft spots in the roof are an indication of trouble. Unfortunately, these soft spots are only found during an inspection. At some point, the waterproof barrier was compromised. This lead to the water penetrating the plywood underneath. At some point, it began rotting. When these pieces of wood rot, they lose their strength. This is why it is important to get your Roofing in Indianapolis, IN inspected on a regular basis.

The roof is an essential part of any home. When signs of danger appear, it is time to get it fixed. Not all the damage is visible. So, if you suspect something is wrong with your roof, then you should get it checked out as soon as possible. To learn more visit

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