The term Personal Injury is used in Tort Law to refer to the injuries or damages caused by the irresponsibility or negligence of a third party. There are many types of personal injury cases, which include automobile accidents, medical malpractices, product liability, animal injuries, sports injuries and many more. If you are involved in an accident that you believe was caused by the carelessness of another party, you should contact a proficient Personal Injury Attorney in Bethlehem PA. A qualified accident attorney is knowledgeable about the personal injury law. The lawyer will provide you dependable legal advice and ensure you are adequately compensated. Here are the three primary responsibilities of a qualified accident lawyer.

Preparing and Managing the Case

A competent accident lawyer will help you plan and manage your injury case. The lawyer will first evaluate the details of the mishap and establish the fault of the other party. Your accident attorney may start an investigation to gather additional relevant details of the incident. This may entail consulting other professionals and meeting with witnesses (if any). Your personal injury lawyer will then organize the available evidence strategically and create a claim that will be the basis for your case.

Handling Insurance Companies

The at-fault party’s insurance company may contact you almost immediately after the mishap to negotiate a settlement. It is highly advisable that you do not accept any offer without consulting your personal injury attorney. This is because insurance firms are more concerned about their profitability rather than offering you a full compensation. Your injury lawyer knows how to handle negotiations with insurance companies to help you get a full compensation. If the negotiation fails, your accident attorney will help you file a court case.

Representation in Court

As your legal representative, the lawyer will present all the available evidence in court and use witnesses at the right time. The lawyer will answer all questions on your behalf and keep you informed of the court proceedings.

There are critical roles played by a qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Bethlehem PA, such as filing the case, providing legal advice and determining the amount of compensation. For additional resources about proficient personal injuries, and how you can hire one, please go to

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