Recent studies show that requests for cremation have more than doubled in the last 20 years and are expected to rise still further. Some people opt for cremation because they are religious now allow it, but the majority make a choice for personal reasons. For example, when comparing traditional funerals and cremation Atlantic Highlands families often decide for cremation because it costs less. They also like the fact that it makes funeral planning easier. Others simply dislike the idea of using valuable land for a cemetery plot.

Cremation Reduces Final Expenses

Today an average funeral that includes embalming, visitation and graveside services can easily cost $10,000. However, clients can visit a website like and contact experts who will arrange cremations for a fraction of that cost. These specialists can help families arrange formal memorials before or after cremation as well as provide simple, dignified direct cremation with no extra services. Once professionals have completed a direct Cremation Atlantic Highlands clients often arrange memorials themselves.

Cremation Simplifies Funeral Planning

Families also choose cremation when in order to solve funeral planning problems. For instance, arrangements for traditional funerals need to me made within a few days of death because even embalming cannot preserve bodies for very long. That means that clients often make a series of difficult decisions in a short period of time. Many do not even have time to contact all family and friends before the funerals. In contrast, cremation lets families take as long as they want to plan memorials. Once bodies are cremated, funerals are easily personalized to reflect the life of the deceased and can be held anywhere.

Cremation Is More Eco-Friendly Than Burial

There are also those who decide on cremation because burial does not appeal to them. Most either pre-plan their arrangements with cremation providers or request cremation in their wills. These clients are often worried about using green spaces for burial, which they consider a waste. They often feel that burying embalmed bodies, caskets and vaults are not eco-friendly.

Requests for cremation have been steadily increasing over the last few decades, often because it is an affordable choice. Many families also choose cremation in order to simplify funeral planning, while others consider it an earth-friendly option.

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