Accuracy is a critical component when manufacturing products, but it can be a challenge to produce items when machines are not correctly aligned. As a machine is used, it will create subtle vibrations that can cause the various components of the device to shift and lead to products that do not meet the intended specifications. Here is a quick look at three types of equipment that can be aligned through the use of a machine laser in San Antonio.

Rotary Dial Machines

Rotary dial machines were one of the first platforms used in the automation of the assembly process for manufacturing companies large and small. Most are controlled with servos indexing drives and can be programmed to transport products through various stages of the assembling process. Utilizing a Machine Laser in San Antonio to align these machines will allow them to operate with precise accuracy and make it quick to complete the most tedious aspects of the manufacturing process.

Printing Presses

A printing press is an impressive machine, with some models capable of printing thousands of pages in under an hour. The most common issue that can occur with a printing press is the misalignment of the primary roll feeder, which guides the paper into the machine. Regular alignment of the roll feeder will reduce the chances of misprints, which can lead to wasted time and money.

Extruding Equipment

The longer an extruder is, the more crucial it is to make sure that it is appropriately aligned. If ignored it can lead to excess wear and even cause a die to shift or break due to excess force. These issues are more than an inconvenience and can cause a motor to overheat and lead to thousands of dollars in replacement parts. A company that utilizes laser technology can align an extruder in a matter of hours and have it operating reliably for months at a time.

The tools a company uses can have a significant impact on both the quality of the items produced and the overall cost of production. Laser Precision can help any business increase the reliability of manufacturing equipment through the use of laser technology. Click here to learn more and see how affordable maintaining a company’s most valuable asset can be.

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