Natural Stone in Indianapolis IN is available at massive suppliers, such as Tiffany Lawn & Garden Supply Inc., in many colors, sizes, and forms. Drywall stone and flagstone, wall stones for exterior walls and interior facades, and edging stones are just the beginning of what is offered. Colors depend on the style desired, with details in each category.

Pre-cut Squares and Pieces

These styles are ideal for patios, pathways, outdoor kitchens or fireplaces, and driveways. Sizes and prices vary, and there are three color choices. Pennsylvania full color, Pennsylvania Lilac, and Tennessee Blue Gray all have distinct patterns and swirls that make them beautiful and unique.


Cobblestones range from small bedrock to flat Kewanee skippers. Colorful Buck Creek cobbles are available, as are shiny Mansfield cobbles. Small ones are ideal for drainage and weed control around shrubs and hedges. Large ones are most often used to create a one-of-a-kind driveway to a home, or entryway to commercial buildings such as resorts, grand hotels, and upscale restaurants.


Limestone, black Obsidian, Blue Mountain, and Autumn Red boulders have to be seen to appreciate the textures and variations of each type. Go to to view these boulders in different sizes. Retaining walls, driveway liners, and simple but stunning decorations are often completed with boulders. Large ones can even serve as signage with a company logo painted onto the stone or etched into it.


Another way to utilize Natural Stone in Indianapolis IN is in the form of paver. The term refers to thin layers of materials that are used as versatile design components for exterior landscaping elements. That can be something as simple as encasing a large planter, or as elaborate as creating a mosaic pattern on the patio.

Pavers can be made of brick, natural stone, and composite materials. They have even been used as interior flooring. Very thin versions are called veneers and can be used to re-surface a building. That old painted house can suddenly appear to be made of stone once veneers are installed. This process also increases energy-efficiency because layers of waterproofing and insulation are added to between the exterior of the house and the veneers. Click here for more information.

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