While most doors, particularly entrance doors, are designed to have a square shape at the top, round or arched doors offer a completely different perspective. Round-top doors have always been distinctive, but now with a wide range of styles and options they are a very good alternative to consider for new homes or home renovations.

When choosing round top doors, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, you will want to find a top manufacturer who has experience in crafting the doors as well as in staining, sealing, and shipping them. Ideally, consider an online retailer or go directly to the manufacturer’s showroom to get the best possible prices. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars off of retail prices since you are literally eliminating the middleman.

Unique Lines

Ideally, when choosing round-top doors, look for the lines within the style of the door to match its shape. By having rounded interior lines in the door panel and design, you can enhance the flow of the top of the door, adding a beautiful visual aspect to the shape.

You may also want to consider your options of either a solid door or a door with smaller lites, or a larger glass area. Both allow you to look out while also bringing in natural light.

As with the interior lines of the door design, look for glass shapes, as well as for caming and art glass patterns that complement the rounded shape of the top of the door.

Add Height

With both single and double styles of round top doors, you will add height to your entryway. Adding a transom and sidelite combination that flows around the door as one continual element is stunning for a front door.

With a more arched door, you may wish to choose sidelites online, but extend the arch to create a very elegant and classic shape to the top of the door. The additional shape and height will make even a smaller entrance look much larger.

Add Style

From rustic to modern and from simple to elaborate, all round-top doors will add a unique style to your home. Based on the design and type of door you choose, you will be able to set the style for you home.

Regardless of the style of design of the round-top doors, you will have a unique entrance. With so many different looks, the only problem will be narrowing down your selection to the right one.

With the round-top doors offered at Nick’s Building Supply, you will have options to customize each design element of the door, or to choose from a stock door design. To learn more, see us online at www.nicksbuilding.com.

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