There are several important elements to your roof or to the roof or your patio; however, many people forget about the gutters. They are vitally important elements of your roof that many people neglect. They catch water that is falling onto your roof and then usher it away from your house. If that were the only things they did, they would still be incredibly important.

The Foundation

Your home and patio are built on a foundation. That foundation is typically a concrete slab set into the ground. It is secured by the weight of your house and the earth around it. That means your home will become unstable if the earth around the foundation begins to wash away. That’s exactly what happens if you don’t have functional gutters in Rancho Cucamonga. The water will wash away the soil around the foundation, undermining the stability of the foundation and your entire home.

The experts at AAA Aluminum Patios can repair your roof so that it diverts water properly away from your house. Some people choose not to just redirect the water, though.

Water Collection

Some people choose to collect water that has fallen on their roof. You can collect water from your gutters with a downspout into a rain barrel. That will allow you to save the water for future use. You should make sure you buy a dedicated rain barrel for this purpose; doing so will keep bugs from breeding in your rain barrel. You could also just direct the water from the downspout into a channel that flows into a pond or into the garden. That could be an open channel like a trench, or it could be a downspout into a pipe.

You have a lot of options for what to do with the water landing on your roof. You should talk about your options with an expert.

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