There Is A Wide Array Of Equipment Used By Surgeons

by | Sep 11, 2013 | Health

It would be very difficult for even a surgeon, let alone a layman, to list every conceivable piece of medical surgery equipment that is used. It may be possible to categorize it but there are many different items in every category. A few examples are retractors, cutters, dilators, grippers and measuring devices.

Grippers include in the category, forceps. Forceps are commonly used during surgical procedures to grasp onto something. Outside the medical fraternity, grippers may be thought of as tweezers or tongs used in the kitchen. A close cousin to a gripper is a clamp; the clamp is designed to hold together blood vessels and the like during surgery. Clamps are perhaps one of the most commonly used surgical devices.

Retractors and detractors are used during surgery to separate areas of the body and to position the area for surgery. Once the body has been properly positioned, it can be opened by using devices such as scalpels and other instruments which are designed for cutting. These instruments, many of which are mechanical such as drills, rasps and saws are frequently used in surgery.

A dilator is a piece of medical surgery equipment which is absolutely essential when opening small areas in the body. The dilator can be inserted into a body cavity; the skilled surgeon can then perform his task even though the area is tight. In many cases, body fluids have to be evacuated; this procedure is done using various suction devices and tools. Suction tubes are always at hand so the surgeon can keep the area under consideration visible and clean. Suction is the key to liposuction, a procedure often carried out by a plastic surgeon where fat is removed.

Medical skills have increased exponentially over the years, in some cases, the bold steps taken in surgery would not have been possible had specialized equipment not have been developed. A perfect example of this is brain surgery, if it was not for a device called a Tyndaller, it would not be possible to open the brain so damaged tissue can be removed. This is equally true with powered devices such as saws that the surgeon uses to open the skull.

In the field of surgery, measurements are as important as they are to a machinist and the instruments used in surgery and out are almost the same. Calipers and rulers are common; the primary difference is the material that they are made from. For more information, visit the website


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