People are now aware of the dangerous effects of certain insecticides on the environment, on humans and on non-target organisms (birds, fish, useful insects, etc.). If a person feels they need to intervene to control certain insect pests, there are several options available to you, one of which is hiring Atlas Exterminator Co Inc.

Ways to rid the area of pests

Removing insects by hand can be a simple and effective way to get rid of some insect pests on few plants. However, there are other ways to eliminate pests. For instance, many exterminators will use steam to kill pests.

This method generally works well to dislodge small insects such as aphids, mealybugs, small caterpillars, etc. You can adapt the power of the jet so as not to destroy plants or flowers. Eliminate infested leaves or branches by removing them is another way.

This method may be effective if the infestation is localized. On the other hand, the size of tree branches should be minimized because some insects are attracted by fresh cuts. Work the soil well before planting a garden of flowers or vegetables or before sowing grass. You will expose larvae of insect pests to bad weather and predators. People can collect them by hand.

Insect traps

The Atlas Exterminator Co Inc can build or procure insect traps that could reduce the number of certain insect pests in a yard or home. There are several types of traps: light traps, pheromone traps, sticky traps, bait traps, etc. If you build yourself a trap, just know the biology of the target insect and use your imagination. For example, a trap can be constructed with a seal and wet newspaper to attract earwigs.

Homeowners can bury pieces of potato to attract certain types of worms, causing them to leave the garden or flower bed and come to the potato. To catch slugs (which are not insects), beer can be placed in containers and buried in the garden. Once the insects are trapped, remove the container and throw it away.

Sticky trap

Insect traps, such as a sticky trap, can be installed in a garden to capture certain pests including leafhoppers or flea beetles. On the other hand, other useful insects and bees can also be trapped. Click Here for more useful information

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