Things to Consider When Researching Auto Tinting Prices in Grapevine

by | May 9, 2013 | Automotive

With summer fast upon us, many drivers are considering adding window tinting to an existing vehicle, both to reduce the heat inside the car, as well as the added ultraviolet light (UV) protection. The negative effects of UV light are now well documented by the medical community and it is wise to protect yourself and family from the ravaging effects of said. Some drivers also find that window tinting adds to the resale value of their car or truck.

The first thing to check are the laws concerning auto window tinting in your state as statutes do vary wildly across the United States and in the Canadian provinces. Some states only allow factory-installed tinting, while others permit aftermarket and self-applied tinting. California, as an example, does not allow aftermarket tinting to be applied to the windshield and driver and passenger side windows. The amount of light transmission reduction that is permitted also varies considerably. In Texas, if the windshield and windows immediately to the right and left of the driver allow less than 25% light transmission, they are not legal and fines can run as high as a thousand dollars.

While factory installation of tinted-windows is the easiest method, not all vehicles come so equipped. If your vehicle did not come with factory-tinted windows there are two options to consider for aftermarket tinting:

Pre-fabricated, self-installed kits: There are a number of parts manufacturers that make pre-cut window tinting kits. They are generally sold by auto parts outlets and are available for most makes and models of passenger vehicles. Installation, however, can be a bit tricky, messy and it does take time to apply correctly. Some drivers find that the pre-cut kits can also result in unsightly fading, peeling, and discoloration over time.

Professional installation: Another option is to have tinting applied by a professional installer. If the look of the vehicles and being in compliance with the state are of concern, this is often the best method for most. Auto tinting prices do vary, but an installer should be able to provide a written quote upon request. Auto tinting prices Grapevine, TX, are readily available at reputable dealers.

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