Having a roof replaced is a major purchase and one that isn’t taken lightly. In most cases, home owners may need to replace their roof only once over the course of owning their home. Since it isn’t a purchase you are familiar with you may find yourself overwhelmed and looking for answers. If you need a new roof in Edmond area you want to choose a roofing contractor who is experienced, reliable and can provide all the services you need.

Questions to ask include:

Do You Really Need A New Roof?

If you are experiencing leaks or other roofing issues you will want a contractor who can physically inspect your roof for damage. In some cases you may just repairs instead of an entire roof replacement. A leak is not a surefire indicator of needing a new roof. Shingles can come loose over time, after storm damage, or from the rubbing of tree branches. A vent may have come unsealed or misaligned.

Is The Estimate You Received Complete?

After inspecting your roof a contractor should provide you with a written estimate. You want to ensure that it is detailed and includes costs for materials and labor. Don’t settle for a verbal estimate, or one that leaves out details that may become costly. The estimate should also cover a time line for repair or replacement.

What Are The Warranty Terms?

Your new roof should include a warranty. Warranty terms vary by company and material used, and you should receive full disclosure of terms prior to signing a contract.

Are The Contractor and Crew Licensed?

Licensed and experienced roofing companies use only highly trained and experienced crews. This not only ensures a quality roof installation or repair it means that you can count on professional service and adherence to safety guidelines.

Does The Company Work With Insurance?

If you are having a roof replaced after a storm or other accidental damage you will want to ensure that the company has experience filing claims and working cooperatively with insurance companies. You will also want to discuss what your responsibilities for payment are.

Regardless of whether you need a New Roof in Edmond, or roofing repairs, you will want to ensure that the company you choose is experienced, qualified and can provide you with a high level of service and the promise of a job well done.

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