Things to Look For in an Auto Repair Point of Sale System

by | Feb 10, 2015 | Business

Being the owner of an auto repair shop can be a massive undertaking but it also comes with its rewards. As a small business owner you will have to worry about a number of different things that relate to your company but none are more important than the sales that you make. In order to keep track of the sales that happen at your repair shop, you will have to find a point of sale system that works for your needs. The following are a few things that you need to look for in Auto Repair POS Software.

Tracking the Inventory

The first thing that you need to make sure that the POS software that you get has is an inventory tracker feature. You need to make sure that when a part or service is sold, that it takes it out of your inventory so you can better keep track of it. In some cases, getting all of your inventory entered in may be a bit of a chore, but it will be worth it in the end. By maintaining an accurate stock, you will not have to worry about running out of things and not being able to serve your customers.

Labor Estimation Tool

Another very important thing that you need to look for when trying to get the right POS software is a labor estimation tool. Most auto repair shops charge by the hour for the repairs that they do, so you will need a way for your employees to give a quote on a job if need be. This will allow you to avoid situations that may prove unprofitable to you. These types of tools will allow you and your employees avoid making costly mistakes.

Email Newsletter System

When trying to choose the right POS system for your auto repair shop, you need to think about ways that you can increase the satisfaction of your customers. By having a tool in the system that will allow you to store the email addresses of your customers, you will be able to send out newsletters and keep them informed about what is going on around the shop. This will allow you to create a more personal relationship with your customers, which can go a long way in the world of business. The more you can offer your customers, the easier it will be to keep them happy.

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