When pets become ill or get hurt, they often need immediate medical care. Waiting hours for a veterinary clinic to open for business will delay necessary treatment, and this may cause the animal’s condition to become worse. Read the information below to discover three benefits of an emergency Rancho Bernardo Veterinary Hospital.

Open When Regular Veterinary Clinics Are Closed

An urgent care veterinary clinic for animals is open when daytime veterinary clinics are closed. This means that pets can get the medical care they need in the middle of the night, on the weekends, and even during holidays. On the weekends and holidays, urgent care centers are open 24 hours a day with trained veterinarians on duty.

Urgent care centers are closed during normal working hours and open in the early evening after regular veterinary clinics close for the day. Pet owners have peace of mind knowing that their pet can receive immediate care.

In-House Diagnostic Services

Veterinarians who work at urgent care clinics for pets have the resources available to help them make a positive diagnosis. These resources include radiographs, ultrasounds, blood pressure monitoring, blood parasite tests, and blood typing.

By having the ability to perform diagnostic testing, the veterinarians at an emergency clinic can immediately begin administering life-saving medications and treatments. For some medical issues, treatment must begin within a reasonable timeframe or the end result can be fatal.

Treatment For Life-Threatening Conditions

Veterinarians who provide services at an emergency Rancho Bernardo Veterinary Hospital can treat animals for a variety of serious medical issues. These include allergic reactions to insect stings or medications. When animals have a severe allergic reaction, they can go into anaphylactic shock, which can ultimately cause the animal to have seizures.

Additional health issues that require emergency care include choking, breathing difficulties, bite wounds, ingesting poisons, and snake bites. If any of these problems occur, individuals should take their pet to an emergency veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

Individuals who need urgent medical care for their pets can visit the Animal Emergency Clinic for comprehensive treatment. Learn more about their emergency and critical care services by visiting the website at Animalemergencysd.com.

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