One of the most complicated and expensive parts of owning a manufacturing or other commercial facility is maintaining the buildings drainage pipes and keeping waste water lines clean and free from clogs. One small blockage can cause a pipe to stop flowing and cause a facility’s operations to come to a screeching halt. Whether it is an emergency issue or a regular maintenance project to help prevent future problems, a company that provides Industrial Waste Management in Lima Ohio can help. Here are three of the many situations that require their expertise.

Grease Trap Maintenance And Repair

Many different industries utilize a grease trap to help prevent large amounts of fat from being passed through a plumbing system and released into a sanitary sewer. With regular cleaning, a grease trap can offer months of worry-free use. When a blockage occurs, it is important to have it cleared right away, as failing to remove the blockage when it is small can cause the pipe to become fully clogged and leave the trap unusable until it is restored.

Commercial Waste Disposal Outages

Commercial waste sites allow users of recreational vehicles to quickly and safely dispose of their waste when their holding tank becomes full. If they become clogged, it can cause the site to be unusable and lead to significant health and safety concerns. A company that provides Industrial Waste Management in Lima Ohio will be able to remove the clog and pump out any overfull tanks to restore operation of the disposal site as quickly as possible.

Run Off Pond Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to deal with run off water is to pipe it all to an on-site pond. Most can handle significant amounts of water, and take advantage of the idea of hydrological pressure to help prevent overflow. If the pond is not properly maintained, however, it can lead to a backup and cause the area to become a safety hazard and not function as intended. A waste management company can remove excess solid material and prevent the system from backing up.

Don’t make the job of maintaining waste management systems more complicated than it should be. Let the professionals At Bluffton Aeration Services Lima Ohio help by putting their more than 20 years of experience to work. Contact them today and make waste management tasks an easy and worry free job. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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