Cleaning a commercial facility isn’t an easy feat, as the sheer size of the space will often make it a large-scale project that requires the knowledge of cleaning professionals. As with any activity, the tools used during the process are an integral component in making the job easy to complete and ensuring the final result is a space that is as clean as possible. The following is a look at a variety of Janitorial Products in Houston TX that help to ease the burden of maintaining a commercial space.

Mechanical Buffers

The regular traffic in a commercial building will cause a flooring surface to become scuffed and dingy quickly, but regular buffing will help restore its shine and give it a clean appearance. Buffing a floor by hand is not only time consuming but labor intensive, and may require the use of several different staff members. A mechanical buffer will make the process simple to complete and have the floor looking great in a fraction of the time.

Floor Scrubbers and Extractors

A mop is usually one of the first Janitorial Products in Houston TX most people think of when cleaning a floor, but machines are now replacing them and make the task more manageable and less back breaking. Floor scrubbers and extractors power through stubborn dirt and debris quickly and will have a space looking great in a matter of minutes. Also, they help remove the excess water after cleaning, which will enable a floor to be ready for traffic in just a few minutes.

Vacuum Equipment

Vacuuming is designed to remove any debris on a floor surface and is a great way to keep a floor clean between regular mopping. The problem, however, is that using a vacuum is not a quick task, and the person doing the cleaning will have to search for outlets as they make their way through a building. A battery powered backpack unit is designed to operate for hours on one charge and allows anyone to clean the floors in a space quickly.

Providing a janitorial team with the right tools is the first step in maintaining the cleanliness of a commercial area. Matera Paper Company offers a vast selection of equipment and products at affordable prices and will streamline the duties of cleaning personnel. Visit to learn more and see how they are revolutionizing the cleaning industry. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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