Rock can help prevent natural hazards such as erosion while adding beauty to any outdoor area. One of the most popular types of rock is limestone, as it is not only visually appealing but is also affordable and can be used in a variety of applications. Before a homeowner begins an outdoor renovation project, they should consider integrating limestone, as it is a top choice of homeowners for a variety of uses.


A walkway is designed to provide easy access to other areas in a yard, and it should be as functional as beautiful, so it helps to accent an outdoor area. Limestone in Austin, TX is a great option, as it provides a natural appearance and will function as an excellent base material during the construction of a new walkway. Crushed limestone also comes in a wide selection of sizes, from 1/4 to 3/8 inches, which ensures every homeowner can find the perfect size limestone for their project.

Erosion Control

Rain and other sources of water can cause dirt to wash away, and leave an area muddy and unsafe. To prevent erosion, many homeowners are now lining flower beds with limestone, as it will allow for the proper flow of water into the ground while preventing the onset of erosion issues. While other options are available, the only limestone can help to prevent erosion while adding a natural beauty that will dress up any outdoor area.

Outdoor Pool Areas

Most inground pools are surrounded by a walkway that is used to help prevent puddling of water by allowing for natural drainage into the earth. A limestone rock is a great option for this type of project, as it will not become overly hot when exposed to the sun which will ensure those walking on it can do so comfortably. Many homeowners choose to line the perimeter of their pool with limestone in Austin, TX and then place pavers on top to provide a whimsical appearance.

One of the most versatile rock products available is limestone. Contact Loftin Material and learn more about the various uses for limestone and why it is a number one choice for homeowners and contractors alike. They can help anyone find the perfect stone material for their outdoor areas, and ensure it is visually appealing and designed to last.

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