Trucks may be found on every road in America. Many people encounter these large vehicles on highways, but trucks are used for residential moves, to make home deliveries and more. When a person is injured in an accident involving a big rig, a Truck Accident Lawyer in Annapolis should be retained. Why is it best to retain someone who deals with accidents involving trucks on a regular basis?


Car accidents are usually the fault of one person or party. However, that is not the case with a truck accident. Multiple parties may be held responsible, including the driver, the employer, and the truck manufacturer. The attorney works to determine who is at fault and who may be held accountable and determines this before the statute of limitations expires. This ensures the injured party obtains compensation from all parties involved in the accident.


Many cases are settled before they ever make it to a courtroom. The attorney determines when it is appropriate to settle, when to request mediation, and when arbitration is the right option. Negotiations may be involved, and negotiating with one party can be stressful. When multiple entities can be held liable, the process often becomes overwhelming. The attorney handles these types of negotiations regularly and can be of great help at this time.

Rules and Regulations Regarding Truckers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration oversees trucks on America’s roads and has put strict regulations and standards in place for truck drivers and trucking companies. This includes the weight of the vehicle when loaded, the number of hours a driver may spend on the road, and more. Most individuals aren’t aware of these standards and regulations, but experienced attorneys are. Any violation could be critical in proving the victim’s case and the liability of the other parties.

If you are in need of a Truck Accident Lawyer in Annapolis, contact the Jaklitsch Law Group. This firm works with clients who have been injured in any type of accident and can be of great help in representing you after a truck accident. They have a network of professionals to call on at this time to prove the claims of the victim and ensure the proper compensation is obtained.

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