Your garage door is an important part of your home. If yours isn’t serving your needs correctly, you should make sure that you seek service as quickly as possible. Since you use your garage door every day, you’ll want to make sure that it works and runs well.

There are lots of things that can go wrong with your garage door and result in issues. The cause of the problem matters because you’ll need to know it in order to solve the problem.

One of the most common issues that occurs with garage doors is battery issues. Battery issues can cause your garage door to function poorly or stop working altogether. Here are three signs that you need a new garage door openers battery in Las Vegas.

Door Stops and Starts

If your garage door stops and starts at random, it may be a battery issue. As your garage door battery fails, it usually causes functions to become weaker and much less reliable. Consult with professional services to learn more about how a new garage door openers battery can help you get your garage door back to normal right away.

Loss of Function

Similar to stops and starts, total loss of function can also be caused by a failing or dead garage door openers battery. It’s important to check to see if anything else is causing the total failure such as motor trouble or a blockage. If all else looks functional, it may be time to get a new battery.

Slow Running

As your garage door battery gets low, so does the speed of your garage door. The lack of power will force your garage door to struggle to function, slowing it to a crawl and eventually causing it to stop entirely. Visit to learn more about garage door repairs and batteries.

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