Workers’ compensation policies are required by law for many employers because it serves to protect employees who get hurt on the job. Unfortunately, many injured employees later find out that workers compensation insurers (and in some cases their employer) are reluctant to provide the very type of protection that these policies are designed for. For those employees who would like to fight this type of unfair treatment, read on to find out what workers’ compensation lawyers in Vermont need employees to know about the workers compensation system and how to increase their chances of getting justice in a workers compensation case.

1. Believe it or not, it is possible for employees to jeopardize a workers’ compensation case. The law requires that employees follow all instructions provided by the employer. Not only does this mean reporting the injury right away using the proper forms and channels, but it also sometimes means visiting the hospital or medical professional of the employer’s choosing. Those who fail to do these things could end up being legally denied for workers’ compensation benefits.

2. One thing that employees may also find shocking is that some employers and insurers may use unscrupulous tactics to avoid a payout. In some cases, they may send an employee to an independent medical expert who they know will simply say that nothing is wrong and send them back to work. Other times an employer may create a special position in order to get them back to work and then later eliminate that position so that they cannot collect compensation. Be on the lookout for these sorts of dishonest maneuvers. Click here to learn more.

3. In the fight against unfair tactics, hiring workers’ compensation lawyers in Vermont can be key. Not only do insurance companies tend to take employees who have legal assistance more seriously, but an attorney can help them get a proper, well-deserved settlement. If litigation becomes necessary, an attorney will take on the task of valuing damages, arranging medical evidence, and doing what’s necessary to help win the case.

Workers’ compensation is supposed to provide vital financial assistance for those who are injured on the job. When things don’t quite work out that way for employees, an experienced attorney knows how to step in and help. The team of legal professionals at McVeigh Skiff LLP are well-versed in getting results, and they can help employees recover what is rightfully theirs.

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