Moving heavy, bulky, valuable objects is never easy, particularly when any mistake or misstep could be disastrous. From large pieces of machinery to partially completed construction assets, experts at Rigging in San Antonio have what it takes to see such projects through. Local companies like DFW Movers and Erectors Inc. are capable of accomplishing some truly astounding things through the appropriate use of rigging.

Securing and Stabilizing Massive Objects for Safe Movement and Placement

The discipline of rigging arose aboard old-fashioned sailing ships, where masts, mainsails, spars, and other objects had to be managed, secured, and handled to enable voyages. Today’s experts at Rigging in San Antonio make use of many of the same basic techniques while also incorporating plenty of more modern tools and approaches. Some of the kinds of equipment that are most often used in the course of rigging work include:

  • Steel cable. Steel is an especially strong material that can also be formed into many useful shapes. Long strands of rugged steel can be wound together to form cables and ropes that support enormous loads when properly secured. Many rigging projects will include dozens of lengths of steel cable, each being attached and guided using other appropriate types of equipment.
  • Spreaders. The masts on sailboats are often equipped with spreaders that keep two or more lengths of rope held apart at desired distances. Rigging work of other kinds regularly includes the use of the same types of assets to manage steel cables that are employed to support and lift objects weighing thousands of pounds or more.
  • Pulleys. It will often be helpful to be able to lift an object smoothly by pulling one or more cables toward the ground. Pulleys can be used to achieve goals like this one and others, with assemblies that incorporate several such parts also being commonly utilized when rigging.

No Project Too Large or Difficult

By making good use of these basic types of equipment, and many more complex and advanced ones, local rigging specialists can arrange for even the most massive and bulky objects to be safely moved and positioned. Services like this regularly enable some of the most ambitious projects undertaken in San Antonio today.

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