When invented, the Aga cooker took the world by storm and this useful oven is still as popular today. New models are constantly being introduced to the market, some of which now have five ovens! Put together with strong cast iron components that can stand the test of time, Aga ovens really are a handy addition to any kitchen. If you can’t quite afford a new appliance, why not invest in renovated Aga cookers? A renovated cooker might require a little more maintenance than one that has come fresh off the production line, but don’t worry too much. You won’t have your work cut out for you if you use the following cleaning materials to prevent rust and restore shine.

Baking Soda

A little bit of elbow grease and some baking soda could do wonders for renovated Aga cookers. You can buy this white powder from most supermarkets, so getting hold of it won’t be difficult. To clean the metal on your oven and make it glisten, simply mix three parts baking soda with one part water. Once mixed, a paste will be formed and it can then be wiped away with a soft, damp cloth, after being left overnight to remove scuffs and transform a dull surface into a shiny one. Make sure the paste isn’t too thick, or it might be hard to remove from the oven.

Lemon Juice

The citrus juice of a lemon is without a doubt one of the most powerful natural cleaners out there. It will also make your renovated Aga cookers smell fresh after food splatters and dried-on scum cause a stink. Apply to stains with baking soda and leave overnight to lift tough stains. To remove foul smells, put some lemon slices and water in an ovenproof bowl and place inside the oven for approximately 10 minutes. Walls, windows and floors can also be cleaned with lemon juice, which is present in a lot of cleaning products found in stores.


Another natural cleaning solution that will do the world of good for your renovated Aga cookers is vinegar. When mixed with warm water and olive oil, vinegar will make the cast iron components look brand new. This eco-friendly solution will also prove useful for freshening laundry and removing fingerprint marks from glass. If you don’t want to ruin any cleaning cloths when using vinegar to maintain your cooker, apply the mixture with a piece of paper or newspaper.

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