Three Ways to Have Fun While Living in Student Apartments in Fort Collins

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Student Housing Center

The truth is that heading to school can be a lot of work. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in your free time. In fact, having fun can reduce stress so you can focus better in school and achieve higher grades. Consider a few ways to enjoy your time while living in student apartments in Fort Collins.

Enjoy the Beautiful Resort-Style Pool

One of the perks of a student apartment is the resort-style pool. You can live in luxury as you swim laps or float in the water and read a book. Or lounge poolside and eat a snack or take a nice nap.

Head to the Fitness Center

Working out can be a lot more exciting when you have the opportunity to get fit and meet new people. Indeed, you can make friends, meet up with old friends, or just work out for the pure pleasure of it. There are a wide variety of workout machines to get you started.

Challenge Friends in the Gaming Lounge

Playing games, especially with friends, can make time fly by. Spending time in the gaming lounge can be a way to relax before a test or take a break from homework. You can forget about your problems and challenge your brain in a unique environment.

To sum up, living in student apartments in Fort Collins can be a great experience. And it only takes a few minutes to reach the campus by shuttle. Contact The Cottages of Fort Collins at

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