Three Ways to Save on Car Insurance Waynesboro

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Insurance

Shopping for and buying Car insurance Waynesboro can be an overwhelming and frustrating task, but it is a requirement for anyone who ones a car. Insurance provides protection for damages and injuries that may occur should you be involved in an accident, but it also covers loss should your car be vandalized, stolen or damaged from a natural disaster. Although insurance is a requirement, there are several ways you can lower the cost of your car insurance premiums.

One of the easiest ways to lower the cost of your premiums is to bundle all of your insurance plans together. For example, if you have life insurance, home insurance and car insurance in Waynesboro through different companies, you can contact your insurance agent at Towe Insurance Service Inc to talk about getting all three policies from the same insurance provider.

Your driving record has a large impact on how much you have to pay for car insurance. Driving safely and obeying all of the traffic laws will help to keep your driving record clean. If you are not sure what your points are, you can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles or your insurance agent. Once you learn what points you have on your record, it is also important to find out when they expire, keep in mind that many of the points remain on your record for seven years. In some situations, if you attend a safe driving course, it will help to remove points from your driving record and taking the course may qualify you for an insurance discount.

The type of car as well as the year of the car you own greatly affects the cost of your premiums. If you are shopping for a new car, consider buying something that is used or has a high safety score. If you own a car, but have not changed the insurance policy since you first bought the car, contacting your insurance agent to see if there is any changes to the previous policy that are no longer in effect. For example, if you bought the car new and bought full coverage insurance at the time of buying the car, you may want to consider, increasing the deductible or switching to liability coverage only.

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