It can be a bit expensive and time-consuming to redo tile floors, so it pays to choose the right tile the first time. There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration when choosing Ceramic Floor Tiles in Nassau County.

Traffic in the Area

Think about how much traffic there is in the area where you’re planning to install the tile flooring. This will affect the class of tile you can use. For example, any tile labeled Class I is only for wall application, while those marked Class V can be used even for extra-heavy traffic in areas where there’s going to be a lot of exposure to dirt. An area that gets moderate to heavy traffic should use Class IV flooring. This includes the kitchen, but bathrooms may be able to be floored using Class II or Class III flooring.

Moisture in the Area

Another factor to take into account is how likely it is the tile will be exposed to moisture. Tile flooring used in kitchens and bathrooms should be classified with a porosity of impervious, meaning 0.5 percent of water or less will be absorbed. Vitreous and semi-vitreous tiles may be okay for use on other floors, but non-vitreous tile shouldn’t be used for flooring.

Add Slip Resistance

When using Ceramic Floor Tiles in Nassau County, you want the tiles to be slip resistant. This can be done through the use of textured tiles or by adding slip resistant coatings to the tiles. You don’t want anyone to slip and fall on the new tile floor, and regular tiles can sometimes be very slippery, especially when exposed to water.

Color and Space

The color and size of the tile can help to make a room look more spacious. Using light-colored, larger tiles with a matching grout, and perhaps putting the tiles on the walls as well, will help to make a small room that doesn’t get much light look a little bit larger, such as many bathrooms. Cream, white, beige, or sand tiles are good examples.

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