Whether it’s across the state or cross-country, a long-distance move is no minor feat. To simplify the process, it’s important to choose movers in Tacoma, WA who will handle the family’s belongings carefully. Local companies will work within the continental US, and some can even guarantee a delivery time. In this guide, readers can learn how to make the process simpler.

Insuring the Family’s Possessions

While most movers have insurance, they’re not always fully liable in the event of damage. According to federal law, moving companies are only liable for 60 cents for every pound; that means that families should consider buying additional coverage for costly electronics and other items.

Pack Things Tightly

To reduce the chance of damage or loss, pack boxes tightly with ample cushioning to prevent items from jostling around. Use bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, or even clothing to cushion items.

Write the Family Name on Every Box

Long-distance movers may have more than one family’s items on the truck. Families should differentiate their boxes from everyone else’s by printing their name on each box.

Box Up the Mattress

Mattresses can easily become bent or stained during the move. To prevent damage, put mattresses inside a box or wrap them in plastic before loading them onto the truck.

Keep Important Items Within Reach

In the event the movers in Tacoma, WA don’t get there on time, or the family gets there first, each person should pack essential items such as clothing, personal items and important documents to get them through a few days.

Look for a Well-Reviewed Company

Most businesses have an online presence, and moving companies are no exception. Start the selection process by asking neighbors, friends and family for recommendations and by reading online reviews. While these sources won’t give a complete picture, they can give a customer an idea of what to expect during the move.

When selecting a long-distance mover, families should choose someone reliable and experienced. Boush Moving & Storage Company will work to make each move as worry-free and simple as possible.

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