Having a Rolex watch is a status symbol that many people aspire to. However, it isn’t always easy to choose from the many rolex watches in Colorado Springs stores.

New or Used

The first decision to make is whether to purchase a brand new Rolex or a vintage used watch. People can get more bang for their buck buying a vintage watch, and these watches are also considered trendy and cool. However, it may take a bit more work to track down just the right vintage rolex watches in Colorado Springs. A new watch will be in perfect condition but will be more expensive. Remember also that many vintage Rolex watches will be smaller than the typical men’s watch purchased today. Men today often purchase watches that are at least 40 millimeters wide, and older Rolex models are sometimes 36 millimeters wide or less, making them closer in size to modern women’s watches.

Type of Watch

There are a few different Rolex watch families available, and this is one way to narrow down the options for a new Rolex. Is the watch going to be worn pretty much every day, in which case one of the sports watches might be the most suitable, or is it meant for use only when dressed up, in which case a dress watch would be a better option. Many dress watches look good when paired with a business suit, but some are fancy enough only to be worn for special occasions, as they are made with more gold and often with diamonds as well.

Other Considerations

Many of the sports watches will retain their value well but aren’t likely to increase in value, while some of the limited edition dress watches may increase in value over time, but there’s no knowing how long it will be before they become collector’s items. Overall, any Rolex will be an excellent watch, as they’re made with a special type of steel using highly specialized equipment, the gold is made at their in-house foundry, and all the parts are assembled and tested by hand.

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